Al Shal supplies the Arab men of today with prestigious and high quality thobs and accessories.

The brand is known for the flawless cut of its garments and the high quality fabric imported from Japan. Accessories like cuff-links and impeccable ghutras shipped in from Europe are sold to complement the look of the thob.

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Dary is a contemporary abaya brand Made in Qatar, featuring exclusive bold designs, traditional fits & exceptional quality fabrics, at accessible prices.

Dary provides mid-range abayas, jalabiyas, and sheilas for the young and fashionable Arabian women. Dary believes that every woman can look trendy and stylish without having to forgo their own modest values.

All garments follow the cutting edge of fashion, with attention to detail being paid to each piece. Aimed at the younger customer, Dary is feminine, fresh and fabulous!

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“Hand crafted, designed with passion…”

Almotahajiba Signature is the luxury label of Al Siddiqi Brands, sharing the same culture of excellence and creative spirit as its existing homegrown fashion brands.

With the aim to become the leader in the luxury Arabic womenswear market, Almotahajiba Signature covers an extensive range of products, offering abayas, jalabiyas, sheilas and accessories with modern, exquisite and exclusive designs. In deep respect of Al Siddiqi Brands founders’ vision: “Believe, Achieve, and Succeed”, Almotahajiba Signature praises five core values: Constant innovation, extreme care of craftsmanship and materials, entrepreneurship mindset, upstanding leadership, and social responsibility. Future projects include the creation of a full line of fragrances, eyewear and jewelry.

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Almotahajiba is an upscale, premium fashion brand for abayas, jalabiyas, sheilas, and accessories. Since its inception in 1983, it has consistently crafted elegant, classy, and beautiful designs that always makes an impression.

A design for everyone, Almotahajiba caters to all tastes, with our signature styles, vintage pieces, and innovative cuts that allow you to express your identity through the art of style.

One of the prominent names in the fashion world, Almotahajiba is devoted to dressing the modern Arab woman without them having to compromise their identity.

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