About Us

AlSiddiqi Holding is a multinational company established in Qatar by the prominent AlSiddiqi family. With its humble beginnings in Souq Waqif back in 1922, AlSiddiqi Holding has grown to become the strong business it is today, offering both home grown Qatari brands and international brands for the consumer’s pleasure. Its presence is felt in nine countries across the GCC and MENA region through its numerous original brand outlets, retail stores, indoor theme parks, restaurants, and real estate projects.

With its roots in the fashion industry, AlSiddiqi Holding has branched out to different sectors in order to satisfy its customer’s demand for innovate and quality products. The company operates six divisions: AlSiddiqi Retail, AlSiddiqi Hospitality, AlSiddiqi Brands, AlSiddiqi Entertainment, AlSiddiqi Real Estate, and AlSiddiqi Industrial.

AlSiddiqi Holding continues to preserve the Qatari traditions and heritage while penetrating new markets and expanding its influence across the globe.

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Where tradition merges with the Future

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