Al Siddiqi Holding launches Almotahajiba SIGNATURE – Qatar’s first luxury abaya house

Inaugural SIGNATURE store opens in the prestigious Porto Arabia Towers – The Pearl

Doha, 13 July, 2015: Further expanding its footprint in the high-end traditional womenswear market, Al Siddiqi Brands, a division of Al Siddiqi Holding, today opened the inaugural store of its luxury abaya brand Almotahajiba SIGNATURE in the Porto Arabia Towers at The Pearl-Qatar. Designed to cater to the modern Arab woman, SIGNATURE aims to be a leader in the luxury traditional womenswear market, offering an exclusive range of handmade abayas, jalabiyas, sheilas, leather goods and accessories that combine exquisite designs with extraordinary quality.

SIGNATURE is the third abaya brand from Al Siddiqi Brands, following the upscale Al Motahajiba and the young and trendy Dary, and offers a level of luxury previously unseen in the Arab womenswear market. “SIGNATURE is created to fulfill a desire in the market for luxury abayas of the highest quality and craftsmanship. The brand embodies what is most noble and accomplished in the artisan world, blending tradition, sophistication and bespoke luxury to deliver an unmatched level of elegance and personalization in Arab womenswear,” said Aly Delawar, CEO of Al Siddiqi Holding.

SIGNATURE uses the understanding and experience of the traditional beauty and design of the abaya, and brings it together with modern cuts and new materials to create the most luxurious abaya in the world. Each SIGNATURE piece is made of high-quality materials including pure silk and is crafted with passion, as evidenced by the exquisite details and matchless elegance of the designs.

“As the luxury label of Al Siddiqi Brands that offers an exclusive selection of designs created entirely in Qatar, SIGNATURE shares the same culture of excellence and creative spirit as the Group’s existing home-grown fashion brands, while placing even greater emphasis on the elements of quality and authenticity,” Delawar said. “We plan to expand the SIGNATURE brand into other segments of luxury retail, with a full line of fragrances, eyewear, and jewelry already in the pipeline.”

In keeping with the founding vision of Al Siddiqi Holding- “Believe, Achieve, and Succeed” – SIGNATURE is guided by five core values: constant innovation, extreme care of craftsmanship and materials, entrepreneurship mindset, upstanding leadership, and social responsibility.

Founded in 1922, Al Siddiqi Holding has grown to become a diversified group managing 23 brands across six operational divisions: Retail, Hospitality, Brands, Entertainment, Real Estate, and Industrial. It has a presence in eight countries across the MENA region through its original brand outlets, retail stores, indoor theme parks, restaurants, and real estate developments.

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